Obtain Sb API Key

Register at Storyblok

  1. Register at Storyblok for free.
  2. Create an empty space.

Obtain your API Key

  1. Go to Settings -> API Key Tab
  2. Create a new Preview Token.
  3. Copy .env.example to .env
  4. Add token to your env file:
SB_CLIENT_ACCESS_TOKEN=<your access token>

Storyblok Management API

Notice: If you don't plan to create stories in frontend skip this.

If you plan to create stories with Storyblok from client side we luckily have Storybloks Management API. To get it work you have to create an oAuthToken in your storyblok space.

  1. Create an oAuthToken
  2. Get your Space ID

After you have obtained your created oAuthToken add it to the .envfile.


SB_SPACE_ID=<your space id>
SB_MANAGEMENT_OAUTH_TOKEN=<your oauth token>